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Lead Acid Battery
AKJ Technologies
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About The Product:
LUMINOUS 20Ah 12VOLT TUBULAR Battery is a tubular lead acid battery of capacity 150Ah/12V. Lead acid battery is a well proven technology. It is extremely safe and reliable when sized and installed correctly. For a larger off- grid system, lead acid battery is still one of the most trusted options. They do not have a specific cut-off point at a certain depth of discharge, so in an emergency they can continue to provide power until the inverter cut-off. Luminous 20Ah 12V battery is one of the trusted products of Luminous Power Technologies and has a battery warranty of 60+15 months.

Lead-Acid battery:

A typical lead–acid battery contains a mixture with varying concentrations of water and acid. Sulfuric acid has a higher density than water, which causes the acid formed at the plates during charging to flow downward and collect at the bottom of the battery. 

About the tubler battery technology:

Tubular Plate Battery Technology falls within both flooded and gel battery types. Tubular battery is a type of lead acid battery in which the positive electrode is not a grid, but a comb like lead skeleton that holds the positive material with the help of tubular bags. The structure looks like a series of tubes kept side by side along the length of the electrode, hence the name “tubular”. Tubular batteries are “deep discharge” kind of batteries i.e. You will get a small amount of current(5–10Amps) for a very long period of time (12–24 hours). Tubular batteries cannot produce burst of current because the electrodes are thicker than the ones in a flat plate model and hence produce a low surface area. That’s why they cannot be used in applications where a huge amount of current is needed for a very short length of time(like starting your car in the morning).Tubular batteries are used in applications like home power backup, electric propulsion of vehicles, solar equipment , renewable, off-grid, critical power configurations and backup system applications.   etc.

Below are the top five reasons why tubular plate batteries are the best battery technology for your first  choice:

1.          Longest lasting in lead acid category in cycling applications

2.          Lowest cost of lifetime kWh of any storage technology

3.          Lower first cost than Lithium Ion

4.          Low maintenance

5.          Many storage size options in both flooded and sealed gel.

About The Brand:
Luminous Power Technologies is one of the powerful and trustworthy brands featuring exclusive range of innovative products in the power backup, home electrical and residential solar space that covers inverters, batteries, solar solutions to home electricals such as fans, LED lighting etc. It has 7 manufacturing units, with more than 28 sales offices in India and presence in over 36 countries all over the world. Luminous serves more than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers with its innovation to make their life more comfortable and efficient.

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