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SINFIN 225 Ltr Smart Inverter Compressor Single Door Refrigerator

Solar Refrigerator
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About the product:

The Sinfin 225 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator sports an artistic design to seamlessly blend in with your modern kitchen decor. The intelligent smart Inverter Compressor adapts to your cooling requirements and delivers energy-efficient performance in near-silence. Thanks to the spacious Vege Box, you can store all your fresh greens together for convenient access. Furthermore, frequent power cuts won’t jeopardise the quality of your food, since this Smart Connect Inverter refrigerator can operate just as effectively on your household inverter.


  • Greater energy efficiency.
  • Increased safety.
  • Plug and play (Set it and Forget it)..
  • Free operation.
  • Save electricity.
  • A solar fridge is eco-friendly.
  • Work on both, solar power and electricity grid.
  • Solar Ac system reduces the grid power demand.

Capacity of the product:  225 ltr. It kind of automatically adjusts its colling  capacity based on  the food, water, fruits, etc.

Consumption: It Designed to work on both solar power and electricity grid. So that it takes very low wattage and Saves electricity consumption in comparison to other refrigerator.

Key features:

  • Smart inverter compressor.
  • Smart connect stabilizer free 90V  ̴  310V.
  • Toughened glass shelves moist ‘N’ fresh.

About solar DC refrigerators :

Requiring as little as 45W of power, the entire line of DC powered products operate using a single solar panel and battery. All Solar Refrigerators and Solar Freezes are manufactured to military standards and have an internationally recognised quality assurance system in place. A solar refrigerator runs directly by the power absorbed in the solar panels via solar energy. ... For having enough energy, the solar panel needs to get at least 5 hours of sunlight daily. It can also store the extra amount of sunlight in its panels to power the refrigerator for a week.

Here are some of the considerable benefits of using solar refrigerator:

  • You become immune to power cut:

If you suffer from frequent power cuts at your place, then solar refrigerator is the perfect choice for you. Since they would be running on solar power, your food and other items would still be cold even if there is no electricity.

  • Energy efficient:

To operate solar refrigerators, all that you will need is a single 250 watt panel and a couple of deep cycle batteries. These solar refrigerators are specifically designed to maximise the energy efficiency.

  • Safe and clean energy source:

Running on just solar power, it is the most reliable and purest form of energy. These refrigerators are mostly of 12 volts, so the chances of accidents related to traditional ways of power are almost null.

  • Easy installation:

If you have an existing solar system installed at your place, then you can plug it with the current batteries, and your refrigerator is ready to go.

  • Free maintenance:

Unlike traditional refrigerators, there is no need of any fuel or gas.

Why ZeroPower :

Zero Power is an online platform which features a wide range of exclusive renewable energy products. Zero Power has widened its boundaries and transformed itself from a normal e-commerce platform to a community and established itself in both Business-to-consumer(B2C) and Business-to-Business service(B2B) platforms. Zero Power offers an exclusive range of branded Solar Smart Home System products in a best affordable price, delivered safely to your address. We provide a service period of 1year from the date of installation and commissioning.

About the brand:

SINFIN innovates products for the future which are environment-friendly. We are specialised in creating products that save your money and simultaneously work towards the preservation of mother nature by reducing carbon footprints.

Warranty: 1 year body ,10 years compressor. 

Services:  SinFin provides you 2 free services.

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