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Sova Solar 390 Wp Mono PERC Panel

Sova Solar
Mono PERC Solar PV Panel
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About the product:

Sova Solar 380 Wp Mono-PERC Solar Module . It is mono-PERC 72 cell Solar PV Module with a Module efficiency rate of 19.81%. It consists of a single-crystal silicon. To make solar cells for mono-PERC solar panels, silicon is formed into bars and cut into wafers. They are generally thought of as a premium solar product as they are highly efficient and has sleeker aesthetics. It weighs 21..3 kg.

Key features of the product:

  • Designed with LID / PID PERC technology.
  • Higher cell efficiency than conventional polycrystalline cells.
  • More power output for more square meter.
  • Outstanding low light and longer wavelength performance.
  • Only positive power output tolerance.
  • Low temp co-efficient power hotpot.
  • Designed for 1500 V system.

About solar panel:

Solar panels are those devices which are used to absorb the sun's rays and convert them into electricity or heat. Description: A solar panel is actually a collection of solar (or photovoltaic) cells, which can be used to generate electricity through photovoltaic effect.  The main partical of a solar cell is siicon.

About solar panel system:

The main components of a solar power system are photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC to AC power converter (called an inverter) and a rack system that holds the PV panels in place. ... Solar PV panels on the roofs of homes and businesses generate clean electricity when light energy hits them. 

How it is work:  

A solar panel is an assembly of solar cells that can convert light directly into electricity. By combining the capacity of several solar panels, part of a family's electricity needs can be covered. ... This conversion is achieved thanks to the so-called “semiconductor” material from which each solar cell is made.   

Mono-PERC solar panel:

Mono PERC Solar Panels for Commercial and Utility-scale Projects. With a technology that combines rear wafer surface passivation and local rear contacts to maximize light capture, mono PERC solar modules are paving the way for dramatically increased PV system efficiency.

Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact” solar cells, known as PERC solar cells, are becoming more common today as an option for making solar panels. PERC solar cells are modified conventional cells that enable the cells to produce 6 to 12 percent more energy than conventional solar panels.

Benefits of Mono-PERC solar panel:

  • Exceptional performance under low-light and high temperature conditions.
  • Higher energy density per square foot than conventional monocrystalline cells.
  • Increased light absorption, as unabsorbed light is reflected back to the solar cell.
  • Extended cable lengths for easier installation; Elegant and modern panel design.
  • PERC modules have two significant highlights.
  • Better flexibility.

How dose its work:

PERC is an innovation that is currently available in the form of Mono and Poly cells. Conventionally, solar cells have an emitter layer on the front surface and a black coating on the rear side. ... Thus, in PERC cells, the front surface absorbs sunlight while the rear surface absorbs the scattered or reflected light.

Advantage of this product:

  • Mono-PERC solar panels have the highest efficiency.
  • They are space-efficient and require the least amount of space as compared to their   counterparts.                
  • Mono-PERC solar panels have a higher life span and tend to function quite longer than their warranty period.
  • They perform better in high heat and warm weather conditions.
  • These type of solar panels are made of the highest-grade silicon. =
  • More electricity – which means these panels are great for households who are wanting to depend less on fossil fuels. They reduce the amount of electricity needed from local power plants.

Application of this product:

    • Mono-perc solar panels are popular amidst solar rooftop systems.
    • Generally used for large-scale installations that could be industrial, commercial or residential.
    • Depending on the size of the panels.
    • Can be utilized for small-scale (<25 w) applications such as charging electronics, batteries, cameras, etc.
    • Relatively larger solar panels (>40 w) can be used to power lights, microwaves, fridges and in cases of being integrated into solar panel.
    • Heavy watteage plant
    • Large solar frams.
    • Roof- mounted arrays.
    • Traffic-lights.
    • Houses.
    • Hotels.
    • Hospitals .

Where it is use mostly:  

Where the sun's rays fall diagonally and, when the power of the sun's rays is very low, it can be used for its greater sensitivity.Where it is use mostly:   

Why ZeroPower:

Zero Power is an online platform which features a wide range of exclusive renewable energy products. Zero Power has widened its boundaries and transformed itself from a normal e-commerce platform to a community and established itself in both Business-to-consumer(B2C) and Business-to-Business service(B2B) platforms. Zero Power offers an exclusive range of branded Solar Smart Home System products in a best affordable price, delivered safely to your address. We provide a service period of 1year from the date of installation and commissioning.  

About the brand:

With the demand shifting from the conventional fossil fuels and Nuclear Energy that are non-renewable and also due to their harmful environmental effects solar power has been the latest addition to the global Power Industry. The concerns towards a green and renewable energy source has led to the widespread acceptance of Solar Energy and development of the solar technology in a much larger scale. Understanding the Global Demand for a Green Energy Source and a responsibility towards the future Sova Power Limited had started its journey in 2008 to manufacture Cost effective High quality solar Photovoltaic products for both Grid Connected & off- Grid Power Products like Solar Pumps, Solar Street Light etc.

Focusing on Silicone Crystalline based products using high quality raw materials Sova Solar Limited has catered to the demand for Green Renewable Source of Energy across the Globe. From a small 2KW Solar Power Plant for Durgapur Women’s college in West Bengal to 1 MW Grid connected Solar Power Plant at Jamuria in Bardhhaman district of West Bengal. We are in constant process to produce cost-effective Clean & Green Power. 

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