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DCDB 1Kw Single Phase

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About the product:

 DCDB box is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, which provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit.  DCDB controls the DC power from solar panel and with having necessary surge protection device (SPD) and fuses and if necessary MCB also for Single Phase.

In DCDB we are using World's Renowned Brands like L&T, C&S for MCBs, Elmex & Phonix, for Fuses, SPDs & Terminals.

Your Can easily use our product for the Single Phase Solar power Plant system up to 5 kW. 

DCDB in solar:

A solar DCDB is a system which controls the direct current coming from the solar panels. If anything goes wrong at the solar panel side it will give protection to the equipment and prevent it from damage. This system primarily protects solar panel strings and the solar inverter.


 How its work:


DCDB is mostly work  used to protect the system if there is any fault during failure on DC side. A very crucial part of SPV system as there should be adequate protection on DC side. The DCDB incorporates isolator/Breaker to switch off the system during fault, there is a meter which tells you exact PV array voltage and current you are getting. It also have surge protection to save your system from any surges occurred due to fault or other phenomenon .

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