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M SUN- Solar Charge Controller 6012

Charge Controller
Nahata Communication Pvt Ltd
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About the product:

Microtek’s, micro-controller 6012 based high-efficiency SMU (Solar management unit) is best suited for low-power applications. It is used to charge battery from solar panels. The micro-controller in Microtek Solar Management Unit, senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging, when it reached full charge status. It reconnects the battery if the battery charge drops to a preset level. Microtek SMU also disconnects the solar panel from the battery to avoid the reverse current flow from the battery to Panel during night. If you normal inverter and battery at home and you want to upgrade for solar so with this controller you can convert your normal inverter to solar inverter and you can connect it with solar panel. This product has been specially designed to upgrade any conventional Ext. Battery UPS/ Inverter in to Solar Ext. Battery UPS/ Inverter with setting of first priority given to Solar while charging. The charger has been programmed to connect and disconnect the AC mains to the EXT. Battery UPS/Inverter depending upon the battery voltage levels to ensure use of solar as primary power and mains only for the emergency.  


Features of the product:

·         Microtek SMU also disconnects the solar panel from the battery to avoid the reverse current flow from the battery to Panel during night

·         PWM base solar charge controller

·         Convert your UPS/inverter into solar UPS with Microtek solar charge controller

·         Save the electricity bill

·         Microtek micro-controller based high-efficiency solar charge controller is best suited for low-power solar applications.


LED indications:

  • Solar Charging
  • Panel Reverse polarity
  • Battery reverse polarity
  • Output On


About the SMU:

Solar Management Unit (SMU) can convert your simple Inverter into Solar Inverter. SMU ensures priority usage of Solar Power to reduce Grid consumption. ... The system can work as a domestic inverter and a solar inverter automatically or manually through a switch except in night condition.


About the charge controller :

A charge controller or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery.


Use of charge controller:

Think of a solar charge controller as a regulator. It delivers power from the PV array to system loads and the battery bank. When the battery bank is nearly full, the controller will taper off the charging current to maintain the required voltage to fully charge the battery and keep it topped off. If you are trying to charge a lead acid battery quickly or using a large solar module you will want to have a charge controller to keep the battery from overcharging and drying the electrolyte in the battery. 


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About the company:

Microtek is a renowned player in the power product market of India. It is the most trusted & preferred brand in India. No wonder it’s the company’s best-in-class products that have helped the organization to achieve the position of India's most trusted & preferred brand. Being a technology innovator and a pioneer in the power back-up industry of India, Microtek stands tall as an epitome in the space with its capability of making reliable and latest technology incorporated products that are well accepted and appreciated by household consumers & the industrial sector across the globe.   

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