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Mitva BLDC Ceiling Fan (MDF-C600R) - Compatible With Solar Panel

BLDC Ceiling Fan
Mitva Solar
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Paras Green BLDC fan :

About the product:

Smart Energy Efficient & Latest BLDC Technology fan Consumes only 26W on the highest Speed. Save up to 60% on electricity bill. Functioned , reverse forward facility,  regulator operated. Lowest Heat Emission without any humming Noise. Highest Service Value that is rpm choice and air delivery is more than the regular ceiling fan. It runs consistently on the same speed . Blocked blades over voltage/ under voltage and over current protection.   

Features of the product:

·      Operates on Solar Power.

·      Power consumes 26 Watt, 12vdc with 300 RPM, Sweep-1200mm & 3 blades.

·      No running cost, Easy Handling and Installation.

·      Can be used on Solar Panel, Battery source also SMPS which give Life time saving.

·      Lowest Heat Emission without any humming Noise.

·      Highest Service Value that is rpm choice and air delivery is more than the regular ceiling fan.

·      1 years warranty from registration.


About the BLDC fan:

Bldc ceiling fan is one type of ceiling fan which consumes lower electricity compare to normal induction fan. It's also called energy saving fan or brushless dc fan. The full form of bldc is brushless Direct current. ... With the use of bldc motor in ceiling fan we can save 60% electricity in the ceiling fan.

 About BLDC Technology:

BLDC technology, in general, has been in the market for a couple of decades and it is widely implemented in industries needing high torque motors. What was missing so long is its application in the ceiling fans. That start was done by startups like Versa Drives who offer Superfan and Atomberg which offers Gorilla fans. They are the pioneers of using BLDC motor in the ceiling fans in India. The traditional fan uses an induction motor and typically consumes 70-90 watts. But BLDC fan, on the other hand, can reduce power consumption by up to 65%. The latest line up of Gorilla fans consumes just 28 watts of energy.

Benefits of BLDC Motor Used in BLDC Fan:

·                  Lower Electricity Consumption (65% savings)

·                  Longer backup on Inverters (even on Solar)

·                  Improved reliability

·                  Noise reduction

·                  Longer lifetime   

Difference between a Regular fan or a BLDC fan:


Hourly Electricity Consumption

Daily Electricity Consumption

Yearly Electricity Consumption

Yearly Costs (assuming Rs 6 per unit)

Regular Fan

75 Watts

0.075 units

1.125 units

410.625 units


35 Watts

0.026 units

0.38 units

138.7 units



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About the company :

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